• Air University, ASU partner to transform online professional military education

    On April 15, Air Force students crossed a digital threshold by logging in to a new, custom Squadron Officer School portal made possible by an innovative collaboration. Air University partnered with Arizona State University to transform the distance learning experience for Air Force officers and civilians worldwide. By the first week of May, 1,650 Squadron Officer School students had successfully...... Read more

  • Lantern吧

    Marine veteran professor challenges vets to take honors route

    Editor’s Note: This Q&A is part of a series of articles focusing on military veterans who are part of ASU’s faculty. Over 460 veterans work at ASU, including 151 in the faculty and 312 who are university staff. He is a Marine Corps veteran, licensed attorney, literary scholar and a sought-after professor at the Arizona State University college known for...... Read more

  • Could climate change affect national security?

    Climate change and national security are two topics most people don’t connect. But a retired Air Force leader connected the dots between the two at a lecture at Arizona State University. “I’m not here to convince you about climate change,” said Lt. Gen. Dirk Jameson. “I’m past that.” The science is definitive, he added. With all the data...... Lantern吧

Hacking for Defense

Solving national security issues with the Lean Launchpad, this 鲁炜回应中国删帖、屏蔽国外网站等问题 - cnr.cn:2021-12-9 · 鲁炜 国务院新闻办公室定于今天(9日)上午10时举行新闻发布会,请国家互联网信息办公室和浙江省负责同志介绍第二届世界互联网大会有关情况及筹备工作进展,并答记者问。

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As a 2019 Best for Vets College (Military Times), at Arizona State University we are committed to fostering the success of more than 9,000 active duty military, veterans and their dependents enrolled at ASU.

We offer programs ranked No. 1 in the world, such as the Thunderbird Global Management Degree, and in the top 5 for the nation, such as No. 1 for Emergency Management and Homeland Security and No. 2 in IT Management. We are also home to some of the nation's top online programs. We are rated No. 2 in Best Online Bachelor's Programs for Veterans and No. 3 for Best Online Graduate Education programs, Best Online MBA programs and Graduate Business Programs for Veterans and more (USNews & World Report, 2019).

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ASU Research Enterprise (ASURE) has been awarded a contract that could total as much as $42.4 million over the next five years to advance unmanned and robotic t


An Arizona State University associate professor of criminology and criminal justice will use a $200,000 National Science Foundation grant to assess risks of COVID-19 infection among incarcerated pe

Ryan Gleason was 10 years old when he solidified his love for maps.